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PortaleItaly provides services for Italian citizenship, visas, and connecting with your heritage.

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PortaleItaly uses modern technology to securely and efficiently provide Italian citizenship and visa services at a fraction of the cost of most firms.

Italian Visa

Get your Italian Visa, from from assessment to acquisition
$ 499
  • Comprehensive eligibility assessment
  • Fully-managed legal workflows
  • Dedicated specialists for unexpected events

Italian Citizenship

Gain your Italian citizenship by heritage or by residency, or other options
$ 2,499
  • Fully-managed by PortaleItaly
  • Comprehensive coverage for complex legal processes
  • Dedicated partnership from first-call to citizenship
  • Stress-free Italian citizenship


Full access to our services and expertise for your goals
$ 299
  • Skip complex hurdles with ease
  • Obtain hard-to-find documents
  • Dedicated consultation calls with PortaleItaly experts

...and so much more

PortaleItaly has the ability to provide specific services for the do-it-yourself warriors, those looking to connect with their Italian heritage, and more. Let us help you explore what we might be able to provide, today.

PortaleItaly service offerings

We offer more than just citizenship. If you are looking for a student visa, a remote work visa, or simply trying to get in touch with your Italian heritage, we can help.

Italian citizenship

Whether you’re doing it yourself or are looking for a comprehensive citizenship solution, we can help.

Italian visas

We can help with getting Italian student visas, work visas, golden visas, or general travel visas.

The Italian citizenship process

The pathway to Italian citizenship through Jure Sanguinis, or through your heritage, can be complex and bureaucratic, but it does not need to be. PortaleItaly can take some – or all – of this complexity off your hands. We are prepared to work with any scale and complexity, whether you are looking as an individual, a family, or even represent a full organization.

Phase 1


Assembling, certifying, and translating all documentation to prove your right to citizenship is required under Italian law. This can be complex, and often requires tracking down hard-to-find birth, death, marriage, and divorce documentation, and more.

Thankfully, PortalyItaly makes this process seemless and easy.

Phase 2



Once your documents are prepared, there are various methods for processing your application, depending on the complexity of your case and how quickly you need your citizenship.

PortalyItaly provides numerous services for making sure your application is successful, whether you wish to apply on your own, or have us handle everything.

Still curious? Learn more about how PortaleItaly makes this happen.

Documentation services

PortaleItaly can help track down hard-to-find documentation and navigate the complexities of proving your Italian heritage. Whether you’re looking to apply yourself, or are looking for comprehensive expertise, we are here to help.

DIY Assisted Full Service

Complete your documentation and research at your own pace, aided by our experienced team.

PortaleItaly will take an active role and assist you step-by-step through the complex process of claiming Italian citizenship.

Sit back and let our experienced team of experts assemble, certify, and deliver your completed Italian citizenship application.
Starting At
Custom Tailored Solution
Expert Consultation Calls
Support & Guidance
Qualification Guaranteed
Comprehensive Documentation Assistance
Translation and Notary Services
Comprehensive Dual-Citizenship Planning
White-Glove Service
Citizenship Guaranteed
Pending pre-qualification. Ask your Case Specialist for more details.

Whatever your documentation needs, we can help

Let us craft a custom solution that meets your needs. All it takes is a free, introductory call to learn more about your story and goals.

Application services

The legal and bureaucratic processes required to submit an Italian citizenship application can stop many in their tracks – don’t let that happen to you. PortaleItaly has experts ready to ensure your citizenship is seamless and easy.

DIY In Court In Italy

A good option for those willing to see the process through the months, and sometimes years, consulates can offer. Submit your own application, but with the guidance and consultation of PortaleItaly experts to ensure you don't delay further.

Consulate wait times have been steadily increasing, some having wait times of over a year. As a faster alternative, we can help you apply directly to the Italian courts to gain recognition of Italian citizenship.

Even with the court process, wait times can be extremely long. Applying for citizenship directly in Italy can help be a fast-track. We will coordinate with your local Comune during your travel to Italy to ensure you spend more time seeing the country, and less time on paperwork.

Starting At
Access to PortaleItaly Experts
Apply at Your Own Pace
Support & Guidance
Faster Than Italian Consulates
Hands-On Legal Support
Faster than Italian Consulates and Courts
Italian Comune Coordination
Citizenship Guaranteed
Pending pre-qualification. Ask your Case Specialist for more details. Varies depending on location.

We are experts in the Italian citizenship and visa application process

The Italian application process can be time consuming and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re just exploring the option, or have hit delay after delay, let PortaleItaly get you your fastest available option for Italian citizenship.

Built on trust

PortaleItaly is defined by transparency and the trust created with each of our customers.

Upfront estimates

Our transparent pricing policy means that there are no hidden fees or costs.

No hidden fees

We believe in transparent pricing, with no hidden costs or surprise fees, so you can trust us to guide you through the process with confidence.

Flexible payment options

We offer various payment methods and personalized payment plans to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone.

Itemized invoicing

Our invoices provide a detailed breakdown of all services and associated costs, so you can be sure that you are only paying for what you need.
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