About PortaleItaly

Your dedicated partner for Italian citizenship, visas, and heritage research.

PortaleItaly was founded in an effort to simplify and expedite the complex process of Italian citizenship recognition, Italian visa acquisition, and Italian heritage recognition.

The need for change

Interest has never been higher in obtaining dual-citizenship in the European Union, creating enormous consulate and court backlogs that can be tremendous to overcome. PortaleItaly has teams of experts and multiple avenues of approach to ensure that, whether you are seeking Italian citizenship, an Italian visa, or simply looking to research your Italian heritage, it can be done a the fastest speed possible.

The PortaleItaly difference

We differentiates ourselves from competitors by implementing new, secure technologies and automations to significantly reduce costs and optimize burdensome legal and bureaucratic processes. We firmly believe on passing those savings onto you, to ensure that you receive the best services at a fair cost.

Our core values

PortaleItaly was built by, and for, those seeking Italian citizenship in need of help with complex 

Story driven

We value your story and your goals, because every person's needs and background are unique.


From pricing, to process, to availability - we will never leave you guessing.


Our experts will work to find a solution that works best for you, or find you a partner who can.


We continue to find better ways to accomplish citizenship and visa goals for our customers, allowing us to offer the best service at unbeatable rates.

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