Emergency Services in Italy

Relocating to Italy necessitates a deep understanding of how to navigate emergencies in a new country. This guide provides essential information on Italy’s emergency services, ensuring you are prepared for any situation.

General Emergency Services

In Italy, emergency services are accessible through the European-wide emergency number 112. This number connects you to all emergency services, including medical, fire, and police assistance. For specific emergencies, you can dial direct service numbers:

  • Ambulance: 118
  • Fire brigade: 115
  • Police: 113

Response times may vary by location, with urban areas typically having quicker responses compared to rural regions.

Healthcare and Medical Emergencies

Italy’s healthcare system, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), provides extensive medical services. In an emergency, calling 112 will direct you to the nearest medical facility. For non-emergency medical concerns, contact local general practitioners or specific specialists.

Fire Services

The Italian fire brigade, known as Vigili del Fuoco, handles fire emergencies, rescues, and safety inspections. They are operational nationwide and can be reached directly at 115 or through 112.

Police Services

Italy has multiple police forces addressing different aspects of law enforcement and public safety. The Carabinieri (Military Police) handle severe and public order offenses, while local police (Polizia Municipale) manage traffic and minor local issues.

Mental Health Services

Mental health support is available through local health authorities and private practitioners. In urgent situations, mental health emergencies can be addressed by dialing 112 to access immediate assistance.

Specialized Emergency Services

  • Drug and Alcohol Services: Support for substance abuse issues is available through local health services and dedicated helplines.
  • LGBTQ+ Services: Various organizations provide support and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and emergencies.
  • Homelessness Services: National and local agencies offer support and emergency shelter information.
  • Animal Services: For pet emergencies, contact local veterinarians or animal control services.

Non-Resident and Tourist Emergencies

Visitors in Italy can access emergency services just like residents. It’s advisable to have travel insurance that covers medical and other types of emergencies.

Embassy Services

Foreign nationals should register with their embassies upon arrival in Italy. Embassies offer a range of services from legal assistance to emergency evacuation information.

Utilities and Telecommunications Emergencies

For utility emergencies, such as gas leaks or power outages, contact your service provider immediately. Most providers have 24/7 emergency numbers.

What to Do in an Emergency

If you find yourself in an emergency:

  1. Call 112 and provide your location and the nature of the emergency.
  2. Stay calm and follow the instructions of emergency operators.
  3. If necessary, seek immediate safety or administer first aid.

Useful Contacts and Resources

It’s advisable to keep a list of contacts for local hospitals, police stations, and your embassy. Additionally, familiarize yourself with basic Italian emergency phrases to aid in communication during an emergency.

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