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Seamless and rewarding paths to claim your Italian citizenship.

Streamline your path to Italian citizenship

Italy offers citizenship through Jus Sanguinis, or through ancestral descent. For those of Italian ancestry, this not only connects you with your Italian heritage, but also grants you the rights and benefits on a European Union citizen.​

PortaleItaly provides specialized services in citizenship recognition, research, and submission packet preparation, ensuring that your journey towards Italian citizenship is efficient and successful.

The Italian citizenship process

Italian citizenship through Jus Sanguinis is made up of four distinct steps:

PortaleItaly Services

Eligibility assessment

We assess your eligibility for Italian citizenship and provide guidance on the necessary steps to claim your Italian citizenship.

Proof documentation

We help you gather the necessary documentation, such as birth, death, and marriage certificates, to claim your Italian citizenship.

Application submission

We assist you in the process of submitting your Italian citizenship application, identifying the methods that works best for you.

Citizenship acquisition

We help you navigate the complex process of Italian citizenship acquisition and provide end-to-end solutions for a seamless and rewarding experience.

So what are you waiting for? See if you qualify, today.

Who is eligible for Jus Sanguinis?

Italian citizenship through Jus Sanguinis is a complex topic which PortaleItaly can help answer. Many individuals may have more than one path toward Italian citizenship, which we can help identify and proove.

Our pre-qualification questionnaire is the first step toward Italian citizenship. From there, our experts will navigate the complexities of Italian citizenship through a deep understanding of Italy’s legal requirements and meticulous attention to historical detail.

The PortaleItaly research effect

From document gathering to application submission, PortaleItaly provides unparalleled expertise in citizen research, including:

Ancestral research

We trace your family lineage back to Italy, confirming the unbroken line required for citizenship recognition.

Document discovery

We obtain all necessary birth, marriage, death, and historical records from Italian and foreign archives necessary to prove your eligibility.

Legal verification

We review all documents to ensure they meet the stringent requirements set by Italian law, including necessary legalizations and translations.

The PortaleItaly application effect

Your application’s success heavily relies on the precision and organization of your submission packet. PortaleItaly excels in assembling meticulously organized application packets tailored to the specific requirements of the Italian government by offering:

Form completion

We accurately file all necessary application forms to avoid common pitfalls that can delay or derail citizenship applications.

Document organization

We ensure all paperwork is properly filed and arranged, ensuring a smooth review process by Italian authorities.

Thorough review

We conduct a thorough final review before submission to ensure that every detail aligns with legal requirements, accompanied by strategic advice on how to present your application effectively.

Why choose us?

PortaleItaly uses modern technology and unique methodologies to provide you a secure, efficient path toward Italian citizenship.

Our commitment to your citizenship journey doesn’t end with the submission of your application. PortaleItaly offers ongoing support throughout the process, providing updates, managing communications with Italian authorities, and advising on next steps after citizenship recognition.

Take the decisive step towards claiming your Italian citizenship with PortaleItaly. With our expertise, the path to recognizing your Italian roots through citizenship is clear and straightforward. Visit our website or contact us today to learn how we can assist you in becoming an Italian citizen.

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